They are

Gymnasium believes everyone can be an athlete and are building a community that is welcoming to women, people of all ages, families and all levels of fitness.

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Their challenge

Crossfit gyms have a reputation for being testosterone fuelled industrial spaces with poor toilet and showering facilities. This means women, and families struggle to feel comfortable. Gymnasium’s founders had a dream to create a place that was welcoming to all without losing their hard-earned athletic credentials.

The gym needed to increase its membership, utilise off peak times better and codify a possible franchise model.  

How we helped

We started with a design idea that has gone on to inform every aspect of the Gymnasium experience. We worked with Silas Amos, a brand design consultant, on this idea to make sure it was robust, inspirational and practical to use.

Then we worked with a team of specialists to bring it to life across design, communication, digital and interiors. We work directly with the CMO of Gymnasium to constantly improve the customer experience and develop new products.  



Membership targets have been achieved in less than a year, new gym sites are being searched out, and an ownable fitness program has been developed that fits the ethos of Gymnasium.

Project Timeline

Initial design idea and delivery of key assets took 3 months.

The rest has been a year and still going strong.