Someplace Nice

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The juices are flowing and we’re seriously considering our future options of development.
— Founders of Someplace Nice

They Are

Someplace Nice is a Toronto based film production company.

Their challenge

After 5 years of great success this production company found the industry had changed and they wanted to find new ways to grow and thrive.

How we helped

We used industry research and interviews with their key audiences to help them assess their business’ reputation and their current customer experience. Then we guided their core team through a workshop write their brand story and rediscover their original love of creativity.

We helped them challenge their current business model and found ways of using their IP to create new revenue streams that they were comfortable to explore.

They are currently running two pilots in different parts of the business.


As a group they now understand their story and key strengths, and are enjoying the act of developing the next amazing chapter of Someplace Nice.

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Project length

Three weeks, including a two-day on-site session and follow ups.