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Typo Berlin 2018

Alex gave two talks at Typo Berlin which got great reviews.

In her Friday keynote speechAlex Mecklenburg passionately made the point that innovation can be done better if more people in organisations can contribute to the innovation story.

She proclaimed we should get rid of the innovation labs, the silos, the jargon, special labels and separate budgets.

Rather, innovation leaders should tell stories that people can actually understand and clear the interference out of their way to participate.

From personal experience I can say that this approach works brilliantly even in tech companies.

Her second talk was a collaboration with Erica Wolfe-Murray from Lola Media, who both believe that companies need to apply creative thinking across everything they do.

Erica Wolfe-Murray, shared unique creative views on the way we do business itself: contracts, revenue models, and intellectual property.

They've taken a tough subject most of us would usually avoid, and showed us how contracts can unlock “works of the mind” just as well as a beautiful typeface.

No mean feat in a room full of designers.