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Responsible Tech Leadership for Charities & Social Enterprises

  • doteveryone London UK (map)

As the lead consultant for leadership training at the digital think tank Doteveryone, Alex has been busy developing a new facilitation model to deliver a programme of responsible technology training to 75 charity leaders and social enterprise leaders across the UK.

Alex will be co-facilitating the seminars in March with practitioners, who are not necessarily facilitators first and foremost but are passionate about the subject of responsible technology. They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

In each seminar Alex will work with a different co-facilitator, allowing them to bring their own examples and experiences into the discussion.


The new format blurs the traditional lines between facilitator and audience. It allows for a richer conversations and a more mutual learning experience. It borrows loosing from the concept of  improv  by creating dialogue, action and conversations collaboratively in the room without necessarily always having a linear, pre-written script.  

From a programme perspective this has two big advantages: 

1) A great iterative learning experience for Doteveryone - as different presentations and conversations around the key themes will deliver much broader insights and understanding. 

2) A more systemic approach to scale and impact - as each co-facilitator will take the content and the insights and integrate into their own practises working within their own communities moving forward.