Welcome to Truth & Spectacle


Delivering a great brand experience boils down to this:

Be true to yourself and express it beautifully.

That’s why we founded Truth & Spectacle.

We help you discover the truth that’s at the heart of your organisation so you can express it beautifully through your products, services, stories and behaviours.


Does your team understand why and how?

Are you great at making your product, or delivering a service, but the other aspects of your customer experience aren’t working hard enough?

Finding your organisational truth is the starting point.


Want to Create simply and quickly?

Did your team used to be full of ideas and able to solve every challenge that came their way, but now innovation and opportunities seem to be bogged down in process?

We help you develop and maintain your Create function.


Need to innovate?

Are you worried about changes in the industry and your organisation’s resilience and ability to adapt?

We help you break out of old behaviours to explore, create, and experiment.