We help leaders develop their team’s creativity through workshops and coaching.

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Provoke - the creative conversation game

Provoke & Play:  A creative leadership workshop 

To think, make or do different things you need to start by having different conversations. 

What is it? A half a day workshop using provocations and challenges in a safe and playful environment to help build creative leadership skills and to collaborate creatively as teams. 

It’s good for leaders who want to develop more creative practices across their teams.

How does it work? We use provocations to help develop creativity, critical thinking, and meaningful questioning habits. Our provocations are concepts, ideas or scenarios that are challenging and rooted in solving real problems. They act as catalysts to help you break away from more conventional ways of thinking about projects and your organisation. The game is designed around three simple actions: Provoke, Create and Think.

Someplace Nice

Someplace Nice


We are provocative business and creative coaches who work with leadership teams, CEOs and boards of organisations.

If you’re stuck on a problem it may be because you’re overthinking it, and obsessing over the same answers or approaches.

If you want to break out of the same old behaviours, work, explore, create, and experiment with Truth & Spectacle.

Alex & Ivan - co-founders and makers

Alex & Ivan - co-founders and makers

Creative Accelerator

Truth & Spectacle’s mission is to help businesses drive their own creativity, because creativity drives business.

Our experienced and award-winning creative leadership team works with clients of different sizes and sectors; from large consultancy organisations and NGOs, to tech companies and production/ arts companies, to improve their ability to create.

Our clients use the accelerator to connect idea to delivery, create new business models, design experiments, up-skill teams, and build in-house marketing teams.

We had to break past the psychology of thinking we knew our business and all the answers and in turn recognise the best methods of change and progression. It was Alex and Ivan’s style of questions and conversation that really helped us break through.
— Chilo Fletcher, Someplace Nice