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The game that helps teams think creatively about big questions.

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What is Provoke?

A creative game that uses provocations and challenges in a safe and playful environment.

What is Provoke for?

  • Kick off important collaborative projects

  • Write better briefs

  • Fuel your creative culture

How does the game work?

Our methodology uses provocations to solve real problems creatively. They’re catalysts that help you break away from more conventional ways of thinking about your work and culture.

The game is designed around three simple actions:

Discuss. Create. Think.

What happens?

  • Through the game we explore creativity in practice, critical thinking, and meaningful questioning habits

  • The objective of the game is to explore a Big Question critically, by thinking about new and meaningful questions, using creative methods, and connecting with/building on each others thinking

  • The game playfully challenges the team to get creative, ask questions and to build and reward new behaviours together

  • Creative Game Masters guide the game and challenge, motivate and support the team

  • The team will create lots of artefacts throughout the game (drawings, questions, stories, provocations) - everything is collected at the end of the session for future reference

  • You leave the session with actions, experiments and next steps co-created with the players, and clear accountability

We can answer your questions

Contact us to hear more details of how Provoke can work for you, see the game in action, or ask for a sample pack.