We blend coaching, creative direction and consulting to help our clients guide their organisations to deliver spectacular experiences every day.

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How we work with industry leaders


Creative Truth Workshop

We help organisations uncover their organisational truth, the kernel that sits at the heart of everything they do, just as relevant to management and HR as it is to product development and marketing.

The Creative Truth Workshop is structured over two half day sessions: You will find and articulate your truth, learn new skills and develop a set of experiments that will help you turn your truth into useful behaviours, products and communication.


Creative Business Consulting

Truth & Spectacle’s mission is to help businesses drive their own creativity, because creativity drives business.

Our team have already put their conviction into ‘truth’ into practical creative and innovative solutions for clients from different sizes and sectors; from large consultancy organisations and NGOs to tech companies and production/ arts companies.

We are experienced at creating new business models, upskilling business teams, and building in-house marketing teams. We are working practitioners who can help you fill in the gaps your organisation has and help you learn to create for yourself.



We are experienced, provocative business and creative coaches who work with leadership teams, CEOs and boards of organisations.

If you’re stuck on a problem it may be because you’re overthinking it, and obsessing over the same answers or approaches.

If you want to break out of the same old behaviours, work, explore, create, and experiment with Truth & Spectacle.


We believe that creativity and innovation have to be rooted in an organisational truth to be effective.

We had to break past the psychology of thinking we knew our business and all the answers and in turn recognise the best methods of change and progression. It was Alex and Ivan’s style of questions and conversation that really helped us break through.
— Chilo Fletcher, Someplace Nice